Promotional products are items of merchandise that are branded with your company name and logo or strapline. They are available in a multitude of different products but some of the most popular ones you may have come into contact with include promotional pens, mugsUSB sticksbags and key rings. Almost anything can be branded with a company name or logo so the options are endless. Promotional merchandise is also a marketing strategy. It is one of the oldest tricks in the book but still remains effective, even up against some of today’s extravagant marketing campaigns.

Every business strives for brand recognition. Brand awareness is how easily your customers are able to recall your brand when looking to purchase. The more brand awareness you create, the more customers think of you first, ahead of your competition and the greater your chances of increasing sales. Being at the forefront of people’s minds is the place you want your brand to be because you become their first port of call in a time of need.

Over one-third of recipients have said they are more likely to do business with an advertiser after receiving these products than they were beforehand.

Well considered products help people to remember you and not forget your Company and message thanks to repeated exposure. Keeping your business at the forefront of your buyer’s mind is important when it comes to customers making decisions.

You customers endorse your brand unconsciously just by using the product in front of other potential customers. These products will be an unconscious, continuous reminder as they slip into the daily lives of the recipients.


What We Offer:
Mugs, Plate, Crystal, T-shirt & Cap, Rock slate, Power Bank, USB Flash Drives, USB Flash Card, USB Car Charger, Key Holders, Promotional Pens, Dairy, Memo Books & Calendar, Watches and Clocks, Business Card Holders, Anti Stress Balls and Cubes, Car Sun Shades, Promotional Wrist bands, Plastic Tea Coaster, Mouse & Mouse Pads, Personalized Family Pillows, Promotional Bottles, Jute & Cotton Shopping Bags, Name/Logo Badges, Reels, Lanyards & I.D. Solution, Medals, Crystal Award, Acrylic Awards, Wooden Plaques etc.